Injury is one of the dreads of a dancers’s life, and when Hilton Denis tore a cartilage during his final performance of the tour of West Side Story in January, 2011, he was devastated.

“I (just) landed on it the wrong way. It wasn’t anything big - or spectacular - it was just a simple move. Almost immediately I felt like I’d done something really bad to it because the pain was unbearable… I had to hop off stage - in character, of course - because I couldn’t walk!”

But, as described by Sally Clark in the Feb/Mar issue of Dance Australia, he used his rehabilitation time to pursue his second love - music.  

Dance film-maker JD de Carteret (So You Think You Can Dance – Series 1) uses Denis’s story as the basis for his documentary style film, Transformation.

It is just one of a number of videos about dance on his website, including another featuring Tannos&Choice, performing in Sydney from February 22 to 24 (see News on this website) and Timomatic.

Watch the video on Carteret’s website:

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