• Dominie Lythgoe
Photo: VAM Productions
    Dominie Lythgoe Photo: VAM Productions

Of the 30 young Australians who were invited to perform at this year's Youth America Grand Prix, the 20 below travelled to New York for the exciting experience of competing in the finals. After gruelling rounds of solos and coaching, Dominie Lythgoe, from Classical Coaching Australia, came in the top 12 in the Junior Division. Congratulations Dominie!

The 20 who competed were:

#055 Phoebe Anderssen / The Conlon College, Australia
#059 Audrey Freeman / Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy, Australia
#066 Lily Carbone / Classical Coaching Australia, Australia
#071 Phoebe Rose Kilminster / Joanne Grace School of Dance, Australia
#075 Dominie Lythgoe / Classical Coaching Australia, Australia
#128 Ella Pukallus / Anne Fraser School of Dance
#172 Jordan Micallef / The McDonald College
#174 Noah Benzie-Drayton / Perth School of Ballet
#190 Matthew Maxwell / Annette Roselli Dance Academy
#209 Sophie Smith / Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
#214 Ashlee Crowe / Australian Conservatoire of Ballet
#215 Kelly Devlin / Katherine Mantle Performing Arts Academy
#230 Alexandra Walton / Classical Ballet 121/Teresa Johnson Ballet School
#231 Abby Morgan / Classical Coaching Australia
#236 Rose Maloney / Classical Coaching Australia
#247 Isabella Wagar / Jane Moore Academy of Ballet
#353 Alexander Koulos / The McDonald College
#386 Thomas Diley / Premiere Studios
#508 Kenzie Bly Andrews / Beverly Prange Dance Centre
#577 Stella Orvad / Joanne Grace School of Dance

See here for all 30 dancers who were invited.

See here for all results.

Dominie Lythgoe is pictured top. Photo: VAM productions.

This is the most up-to-date information we can confirm with the YAGP organisers. We are doing our best to confirm any other placings.


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