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If you would like to explore and develop your dance practice, this is the chance of a lifetime. Masked is a paid choreographic mentorship, hosted by FORM Dance Projects in Parramatta, Western Sydney, with choreographer Meryl Tankard; composer Elena Kats-Chernin; and visual artist Régis Lansac.

The mentorship is being offered to selected to independent dance artists residing in NSW and experienced in both in choreography and performance. (Non Sydney-based artists will have to cover their own accommodation and transport costs for any Parramatta, Western Sydney, aspect of the creative development.)

In the collaborative process, six dance artists will work with Tankard, Kats-Chernin and Lansac to develop their choreographic creation, a solo or duet in relation to a given concept, and develop their individual dance practice.

If selected, participants will need to be available for a full-time group residency from 7-15 December, 2020, followed by an additional three-week creative development period within the January-April 2021 timeframe. The project has been designed to be CovidSafe for all participants.

To register your interest please email Naomi Hibberd by Wednesday, 28 October 2020 5:00pm with the subject line, EOI Masked Meryl Tankard, including the following:

Two video links using Vimeo or YouTube:

Video 1 – A show reel of your work not exceeding ten minutes

Video 2 – Filmed responses to the following questions from Meryl Tankard:

• What is your name?

• What is your age? (optional)

• Where are you from?

• What artists or work do you admire/find inspiring, and why? (Film directors, painters, choreographers, writers, composers, musicians, etc.)

• Why do you think you are dancing/choreographing?

• Join these three points together:

a. Describe yourself in three. words – “I am___,___,___”

• Finish this sentence – “I wish I was ___, ___, ___”

• Complete this sentence by describing an action – “and every day I ___”

You may add anything else you would like to say, do, or show.

The project is subject to successful grant funding.


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