Dancers collaborate on film

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A new short dance film has just been released, choreographed and directed by Sydney-based creative artist Brayden Harry. Called Undone, it explores the themes of transformation, restriction, freedom and how one’s individual experience can impact an entire society.

Filmed over two days, utilising an abandoned building and a film studio, the film involved a cast and crew of 45 people. The 10-minute film takes the audience on a journey throughout a world of corruption, shown through the perspective of an innocent individual who is caught up in the workings of a dystopian community.

 Featuring Cassandra Spilling as the lead and Pete Evans in a supporting role, the film consists of dance sequences including a duo, trio and a cast of 20 dance extras. The contemporary fusion style of dance captures the distorted, curious and dominative nature of the dancers who inhabit where the film is set.



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