• Dance Australia's Geraldine Higginson. Photo: Robert Harper.
    Dance Australia's Geraldine Higginson. Photo: Robert Harper.

Are you dreaming of winning Dance Australia's Instagram competition, but unsure how to go about getting those great dance shots? Geraldine Higginson has some tips to help you out.

With just four weeks left until Dance Australia's Instagram comp closes for entries, I decided to share my own suggestions for outdoor photo shoots. I was happy with the results of my own recent photo shoot with photographer Robert Harper and wanted to share some tips from both of us that might help you get your own fabulous photos into Dance Australia magazine... so go ahead and give it a go!

If nothing else it is a fun experience, and if you get some photos you are happy to share with us here at Dance Australia we would love to see them!

Geraldine's tips for the dancer

  • Give yourself time to walk around the location (preferably the day before) and find several settings or backdrops that inspire or interest you. Have a think about what kind of shapes, lines or movements might look good in each one, but don't be afraid to experiment and improvise on the day of the actual shoot.
  • Plan your outfit – whether a simple leotard and tights, dance costume or streetwear – and make sure it is clean and ready to go. I recommend wearing something you feel is comfortable, flattering, and easy to move in. 
  • The Golden Hour (a period shortly after sunrise or just before sunset) will give the most flattering lighting effect to both you and your surroundings, but it doesn't last long – so keep costume/hair changes to a minimum.
  • Don't stop to look at or evaluate your photos mid-shoot. Unless you are a professional dancer, there will undoubtedly be shots that reveal technical flaws or are just generally unflattering. Going through the photos afterwards with your photographer will allow you to compare and pick the best of the bunch at leisure.

Robert Harper's tips for the photographer

  • Definitely use the Golden Hour when possible. There's even an article on Wikipedia if you want to read more about it.
  • Make sure there's nothing odd or distracting in the background.
  • If taking photos in cold weather, use a thick jacket to keep the subject warm between shots. It's important that the dancer is comfortable (not cold and shivering).
  • Experiment with cropping and editing on the computer, but don't overdo it.
  • These days, most photos are taken on a digital camera with auto focus.  So allow your camera time to focus and hold it steady to avoid blurred shots.

Once you're happy wih your photos, it's time to enter! Get all the details here.

Pictured top and below are two of Robert Harper's photos of Geraldine Higginson. #thisiswhatacriticlookslike 

Dance Australia's Geraldine Higginson. Photo: Robert Harper.
Dance Australia's Geraldine Higginson. Photo: Robert Harper.


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