• Ako Kondo and Chengwu Guo.
    Ako Kondo and Chengwu Guo.
  • How intensely should young dancers train?
    How intensely should young dancers train?
  • Yvette Lee.
    Yvette Lee.

What's in the next issue of Dance Australia?


The April/May/June edition of Dance Australia is packed with articles and information, including a special feature devoted to auditions.


At home with Ako and Chengwu

A glimpse into the off-stage partnership of the Australian Ballet's popular principal artists.

The business of being a commercial dancer

Three entrepreneurial artists share their insights.

What to expect from auditions

Whether for ballet or musicals, TV or projects, auditions all have some principles in common.

How much is too much?

Are we overtraining our younger students? An article by dancer turned doctor, Jason Lam.

The social media revolution

How TikTok is influencing choreography. 


The Pain of Ukraine

Russian and Ukrainian dancers are being forced to make horrendous choices 

Memingful dance

Dancers finding new ways to share their experiences

The Ethics of Sponsorship

Can you divorce art from politics?

And lots, lots more! 

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Our cover is graced by the Queensland Ballet's Hayley Thompson and Yanela Pinera in 'Giselle'.

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