The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is not renowned for its contemporary dance content.  This year’s Comedy Festival, however, sees the inclusion of 3’s Company, 2’s a Party, a dance theatre work by independent choreographers Helen Duncan and Quindell Orton. 

3’s Comedy, 2’s A Party has already played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Perth Fringe Festival.  “I'm really excited about taking 3’s Comedy, 2’s A Party to the Comedy Festival.  It’s comedy, physical theatre and contemporary dance all rolled into one very entertaining 50 minute performance.”  With plenty of laughs Duncan says the show is perfect for those who are less familiar with contemporary dance. 

Orton and Duncan are both graduates of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, but 3’s Company, 2’s a Party was not created in WA.  Orton has just returned to Perth after six months in Europe, having undertaken an internship with Netherlands dance company Club Guy and Roni.  Duncan is a 2011 recipient of the Australian Arts Council Artstart grant and spent the last year engaged in dance research in the United Kingdom where the two created and rehearsed this work.    

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The Gals 2The Gals 3

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