• Dancer Rowan Rossi, rehearsing at home.
    Dancer Rowan Rossi, rehearsing at home.

We’re living in a world in which both our personal space and the way we move and assemble are constrained by government regulations. "The World’s Smallest Stage" is a dance project that responds to this new reality.

Designed and conceived by Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) Artistic Director Garry Stewart, "The World’s Smallest Stage" is an online event, in which choreographers will be matched with composers to create a series of works. The theme is brevity, in both space and time, with each 5-10 minute work performed in just four square meteres.

Spearheaded by ADT, "The World’s Smallest Stage" will bring together ADT, Kurruru Youth Performing Arts, Restless Dance Theatre and independent choreographers and composers (selected in partnership with Music SA). Remote rehearsals began Monday 18 May, and run for three weeks. The works will then be live-streamed as an online event, and once COVID restrictions are lifted it will be performed live, on stage at ADT’s home space, The Odeon in Adelaide.

ADT dancers Darci O'Rourke and Chris Mills rehearsing at home.
ADT dancers Darci O'Rourke and Chris Mills rehearsing at home.

At a time when our ability to gather physically is constrained, the artists involved are excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively.

“In a time of isolation and uncertainty, it is important to connect and to be creative at how we do that and it brings me great joy that this project will provide that opportunity,” says Michelle Ryan, Artistic Director, Restless Dance Theatre. “I’m looking forward to showcasing the wonderful Michael Hodyl and I can’t wait to see what all the other artists create.”

Independent choreographer, Lina Limosani agrees, adding that it is important that artists think “outside the box” in times of remote collaboration. “This is such a valuable opportunity to remind me of the amazing creative minds I live next to and to build new and exciting artistic friendships for the future,” she remarks.

To stay updated with this project, including details on how to access the online performance, follow ADT's Facebook page.

Pictured top is ADT dancer Rowan Rossi, rehearsing at home.

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