Classical and contemporary combine

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Photo: Tony Currie
Photo: Tony Currie

The West Australian Ballet (WAB) has announced a collaboration with WA contemporary dance company Co3 and Artistic Director/Choreographer of Australian Dance Theatre, Garry Stewart, for a new work for its annual Ballet at the Quarry in 2019.

Stewart will create a work on the combined forces of dancers from both companies.

The Artistic Director of WAB, Aurélien Scannella, says the work “will challenge the expectations of both the audience and dancers as well as celebrate the heritage and technique of both classical and contemporary dance”.

The company has performed at the Quarry Amphitheatre in City Beach for over 25 years, and the highly esteemed sell-out season is a cornerstone of the Perth Festival.

West Australian Ballet, Co3 and Garry Stewart will also host a series of community and school engagement activities as a part of the collaboration.


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