Beyonce picks Qld Ballet costumier's design

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Queensland Ballet's costumier has hit the jackpot with superstar Beyoncé wearing a design from her latest collection.

Beyonce wearing a design by Bethany Cordwell.
Photo supplied by the Qld Ballet.
Beyonce wearing a design by Bethany Cordwell. Photo supplied by the Qld Ballet.

Bethany Cordwell woke up on Friday, the morning of Beyoncé’s Renaissance album release, to the news that Beyoncé was wearing her bodysuit and earrings.

Made from 12,000 hand-cut scales cut from plastic document folders, the hypnotic bodysuit took one month to pull together and is part of her Warped Observance collection.

Cordwell said that she is still in shock that Beyoncé is wearing her designs in the high-fashion renaissance look.

“I couldn’t believe it! It still doesn’t feel real. She looks incredible in my bodysuit and earrings!” Cordwell said.

Earlier this year, Cordwell was contacted by Beyoncé’s styling team asking for the bodysuit.

“I was in absolute shock… I quickly replied and we started discussing further details instantly. The initial email came through as I was getting ready for what I thought was going to be just another day at work.

“The lead time was tight. I wasn’t able to make a custom bodysuit specific to Beyoncé’s measurements due to time constraints. Thankfully they accepted my existing bodysuit which was sent express to LA,” she explained.

Since the release, Cordwell has been featured in British Vogue, Vogue Mexico, Vogue Taiwan, Dazed and Grazia. The image is also being used on Apple Music and iTunes.

“To be sharing this moment alongside incredible designers who I have looked up to my whole life is truly unbelievable,” Cordwell says.

In November, 2021, Cordwell won the Emerging Designer Award at Fashions on the Field at the Melbourne Cup.

See our interview with Cordwell here.

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