• NAIDA developing artists. Photo: Jamie James.
    NAIDA developing artists. Photo: Jamie James.

Want to be part of the world’s largest dance celebration?


Big Dance is an event that sees thousands of people dance together in some of the world’s most iconic locations and it will be hitting Australia on International Dance Day, April 29 2018.

Encouraging people to be active through dance, Big Dance is a free large-scale participatory celebration open to everyone of all ages, all abilities and all experiences.

In the months leading up to Big Dance, Ausdance Victoria and New South Wales will motivate aspiring dancers and community groups to learn the Big Dance 2018 routine in a series of fun free dance workshops. The Big Dance 2018 routine includes versions to suit a variety of capabilities and circumstances, including standing, seated and suggestions on adapting the choreography for different abilities. Online tutorials will be available where the Big Dance 2018 routines are guided and taught by developing dance college artists from National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) and the dance cues will also be provided in an easy-to-follow learning guide.

Created by acclaimed Indigenous choreographer Frances Rings and New Zealand born Craig Bary, and with an original score by Huey Benjamin, the Big Dance 2018 choreography is a five-minute contemporary Indigenous routine that anyone can learn.

To find out more about how you can be part of this event head to www.bigdance.org.au

Pictured top: NAISDA developing artists. Photo: Jamie James.

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