• Lily Pakula
    Lily Pakula

Applications for the second Brisbane International  Contemporary Dance Prix (BICDP) have opened, closing June 30. The BICDP will take place September 29 – October 5.

Last year’s event saw over 32 offers made to candidates by schools and companies. Senior winner Dean Elliott took up a 10 week placement with Sydney Dance Company and now has a full time contract with the company. Junior winner Phoebe Anderssen travelled to partner school Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden and will commence her training there in September.

Founder Louise Deleur says she is excited to build the BICDP platform as an international event that inspires, educates and connects dancers into professional pathways nationally and internationally.

In addition to its dancer program, this year the BICDP will hold a teacher development program, focused on skills in teaching contemporary dance and improvisation.

For more info head to http://bicdprix.com/

Pictured: Lily Scarlet Pakula. Photo: BWP Studios.

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