Amelia's diary #3

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Amelia with Australian Ballet artists (from left) Kelsey Stokes, Sean Kiley, Evie Ferris and Saranja Crowe.
Amelia with Australian Ballet artists (from left) Kelsey Stokes, Sean Kiley, Evie Ferris and Saranja Crowe.

It's countdown to our Emerging Female Classical Choreographer's premiere in Melbourne!

Continuing from my last post, I’m now in Melbourne and in the middle of rehearsals with four beautiful dancers of the Australian Ballet. After five rehearsals, we’ve put together a draft of my work Einsamkeit.

 A draft is a part of the process I’ve learned to love - it’s the same as when you first write something on paper. You go back and add commas, full-stops, you take away what no longer fits and add material which you’ve discovered along the way. It’s exactly the same with choreography. If I put too much time and detail into the first movements, I will certainly go back and change it anyway, so in my rehearsals I have to be wise about how I spend my time and economise where I need to. It’s always better to have a pattern and movement down on paper and out of my head so I have material to work with, so I can eventually go back and edit and make changes. 

 Last week I was able to meet a lot of the team who I’ll be working with to get Einsamkeit on the stage in a couple of weeks. I’ve found in the past, and even more so now, that it pays to be prepared with my ideas for lighting, staging and costumes. There is not really any time for indecisiveness and that’s great for me. A big challenge when I’m choreographing, as well as when I’m explaining my ideas for lighting and staging, is to be able to communicate the images I see in my mind. I often forget that people can’t see those pictures, but I also enjoy the misunderstanding, as that often brings new ideas and happy surprises which add to my vision.

 This week will be a continuation of rehearsals. I’ll be working with the dancers to fill in the gaps and change and add movements where needed, and I’ll also get to rehearse with the orchestra. My costumes are well underway to being prepared and ready for the production and dress rehearsals in two weeks time.

 It’s a very busy time, and I am gathering all my creative ideas together with a team of professionals at the Australian Ballet to be able to create the vision I’ve had in my mind from the start. I’m excited to see where it leads!

 See Amelia’s premiere at the Australian Ballet's Bodytorque! The season opens next week at the Lawler Studio, Southbank Theatre, in Melbourne on Thursday October 17 at 7.30pm , then Friday 18 October at 2.30pm and 7.30pm and Saturday 19 October at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

Amelia joins choreographers Tim Coleman, Francois-Eloi Lavignac and Mason Lovegrove, Lina Limosani, Rani Luther and Petros Treklis. They will be accompanied by musicians from Orchestra Victoria. Info and bookings: here

Do you want to be our next Emerging Female Classical Choreographer? Look out for our 2020 EFCC initiative - DETAILS SOON!


Amelias diary #3 
Amelia first had a residency at the Sydney Opera House with pupils from the Tanya Pearson Academy, Pearl Arrowsmith, Tatum Stanley, Austen McDonald and Lucinda Worthing Shore. Photo: DANIEL BOUD







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