Dancers are supposed to put up with pain, right? Wrong, writes Leila Lois.

UCanDance is right in the middle of town in Shepparton, Victoria.

This school is 700 kms inland from Townsville and 250 km east of Mt Isa, and has a population that barely scrapes a thousand.

Too much choreography for children is too adult for their age, writes Karen van Ulzen. One of the main issues that arose from the RG Dance scandal was that of age appropriate choreography for children. Internet chatter about the case expressed horror at the adult or sexual nature of some of the school's costuming and choreography.

Michelle Dursun examines some of the newer offerings in dance teaching organisations.

Now is the time for dancers to empower themselves.


Last week, we brought you an account by a dancer who lost her job when she tried to negotiate the conditions of her contract. How common is her experience? Olivia Stewart investigates.


This dancer lost her job when she tried to negotiate her contract. Read her account here.

How much do long gaps in training impact on a dancer’s development? Susan Bendall finds out.

Studies show that one in six dancers suffer from an eating disorder. Can you talk about body size and weight and to your students? What language can you use to ensure you won’t cause body image issues? Karen van Ulzen finds out.

Jane Kesby describes why she was drawn to teaching dance as a career.

Guy Wheatstone describes how he teaches students the importance of balancing technique with artistry.

It takes time and care to regain full fitness after a long break. In this article, five dance medical experts provide detailed advice on how to return to class safely.

Multi-talented Yuiko Masukawa is a principal dancer, a director, a choreographer and also a teacher.

Teacher Natalie Withers has a soft spot for the littlies.

Brett Morgan OAM was first asked to teach by Janet Vernon when he was in Sydney Dance Company. He hasn’t looked back since.