Alicia Townsend travelled through 10 different countries and 19 cities to land her dream job. She shares her experience below.

The Australian Ballet's rehab team has treated high profile names such as ABT's David Hallberg and Collingwood footballer Ben Reid.

In 2015, David Hallberg, the internationally lauded American classical ballet dancer, was in desperate straits. He was suffering an ankle injury that, after much futile treatment including two operations, was still “a swollen red ball”.

Matthew Lawrence is inspired by the bounding boys at the RAD's Project B.

These clever teachers have met the challenges of ballet in the bush, writes Michelle Dursun.

Physics tells us that, in order to balance, our centre of gravity must be over our base of support... but what about off-centre balances?

Emma Sandall answers your questions about dance.

Syllabus organisations have been keeping pace with the times since they were founded many years ago, writes Karen van Ulzen.

Agents can be vital in helping a dancer's career, but what should you expect from them -- and what should they expect from you? Michelle Dursun finds out.

Planning your food intake is not about 'how much', but 'how often', explains dietitian Fiona Sutherland.

Matthew Lawrence is inspired by the bounding boys at the RAD's Project B.

What should you do if you suspect your child has sustained an injury in dance class? Read on for some useful advice from Ausdance.

It's easy to think of parallel and turnout as warring factions but their relationship is far more cordial than that, explains Susan Bendall.

The more I give away, the less that belongs to me, the more room I have for the next level of expression and creativity. Give it away!