Alexandria Panetta (Lexy) teaches in both the Dance and the Education faculties at the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE).

Emma-Jane Morton has been teaching for 13 "wonderful" years and is on the faculty at Tanya Pearson Academy in Sydney.

'Tis the season for 'Nutcracker', but should we perform ballets such as these with their old-fashioned stereotypes? Karen van Ulzen explores the issue.

Jane Evans, from the National College of Dance in Newcastle, NSW, has been teaching for 45 years.

Julia Regi is a teacher at the International Classical Ballet Academy (ICBAcademy) in Sydney.

An increased amount of training may not lead to increased or improved performance and, indeed, may even cause harm. One of these harmful effects is RED-S - a serious concern which not only affects a dancer’s ongoing performance, but may have lasting consequences throughout life.

Kym Stokes is a teacher at the Queensland Ballet Academy.

Michael Ramsay is on the faculty at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance and has been teaching for 10 years.

Acrobatics is infiltrating our dance schools. But what damage is it causing?

We talk to Michelle Hopper Doyle, from LAUNCH Performing Arts Centre, Gold Coast, Qld

We talk to Ben Dunlop (RAD DDTS, RTS), from the Institute of Dance/ Baby Ballet School, in Newcastle, NSW.

Jane Andrewartha, from the Laurel Martyn Foundation, responds to an article by John Byrne in which he questioned the present approach to teaching syllabus to students.

A response from Gerard Charles, Artistic Director, Royal Academy of Dance, to John Byrne's article on syllabus.

John Byrne suggests a better balance can be found in the classroom between the contributions made by syllabus and the contributions made by the teacher.

Many contemporary companies or independent choreographers recruit through associated training or secondment programs, writes Karen van Ulzen.

A burgeoning on-line community is providing space for dancers to share their experiences, writes Belle Beasley.