Nicola Wills is a dancer with the Royal Ballet of Flanders, but she used to struggle with eating disorders. She describes how she repaired her relationship with her body.

Everybody wants to be super flexi, but don't rush into it, especially in the colder months. Belle Beasley provides some timely advice.

Taylor Venter asked Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes, artistic directors of Scimm. Dance Company, for their tips on applying for a job.

Primrose Kern began her career at the top: with the Paris Opera Ballet. She now spends her time between the POB and the Boston Ballet in the US. She also had a featured role in the film, 'The Red Shoes, the Next Step'. Here she describes the process of auditioning for the Paris Opera Ballet.

Audition anecdotes

Rebecca Mansueto tells how she landed her dream job in 'Grease'.

Matthew Lawrence takes us on an personal tour of the Queenland Ballet’s new state-of-the-art home.

What was the dance highlight of 2022? Dance Australia asked top critics from around the country to nominate their choice. See this sneak preview and read all their findings in the current print issue.

In the next issue of Dance Australia (April/May/June), we have invited dancers to share their anecdotes and advice on AUDITIONS. Here is a sneak peek from Rebecca Mansueto, presently in Grease the Musical with Royal Caribbean Cruises.

What's in a name?

Naming a dance work can be an artform in itself, writes Rhys Ryan.

Choreographer Marco Goecke's attack on a critic raises the question of the role of the critic in our culture, writes Karen van Ulzen.

Cecchetti International celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. Caitlyn Lehmann looks at the ballet maestro’s continuing influence on Australian ballet.

Damien Grima has been teaching for 14 years. He is now at Alegria Studios in Sydney.

Alexandria Panetta (Lexy) teaches in both the Dance and the Education faculties at the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE).

Emma-Jane Morton has been teaching for 13 "wonderful" years and is on the faculty at Tanya Pearson Academy in Sydney.

'Tis the season for 'Nutcracker', but should we perform ballets such as these with their old-fashioned stereotypes? Karen van Ulzen explores the issue.

Jane Evans, from the National College of Dance in Newcastle, NSW, has been teaching for 45 years.