A dancer would typically spend four or more hours in a mirrored studio daily, scrutinising not only their dancing, but their entire physique and appearance. Advice from Lucy Christodolou.

Is a vegan diet compatible with the high nutrition needs of dance? KAREN VAN ULZEN finds out.

Dancer, if you find yourself in a company or environment that makes you feel bad about yourself, leave. Read this article for tips and advice on dealing with body image.

How much and how often should young dancers train? How early should they specialise?

What is contemporary dance technique? It’s a seemingly benign question, but for many dancers, attempting to explain modern and contemporary ways of moving through the loaded term “technique” is altogether too rigid, writes Belle Beasley.

Auditions are just one way to break into the dance industry in 2023. Leila Lois talks to company directors about ways dancers can create their own job opportunities.

Rejection is a common part of being an artist. How do you manage your mental well-being? Susan Bendall finds out.

Nicola Wills is a dancer with the Royal Ballet of Flanders, but she used to struggle with eating disorders. She describes how she repaired her relationship with her body.

Everybody wants to be super flexi, but don't rush into it, especially in the colder months. Belle Beasley provides some timely advice.

Taylor Venter asked Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes, artistic directors of Scimm. Dance Company, for their tips on applying for a job.

Primrose Kern began her career at the top: with the Paris Opera Ballet. She now spends her time between the POB and the Boston Ballet in the US. She also had a featured role in the film, 'The Red Shoes, the Next Step'. Here she describes the process of auditioning for the Paris Opera Ballet.

Audition anecdotes

Rebecca Mansueto tells how she landed her dream job in 'Grease'.

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What's in a name?

Naming a dance work can be an artform in itself, writes Rhys Ryan.