Simon Jones: 'be an individual'

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Trained: National College of Dance
Presently Artist at Ballet Dortmund

Q: With fewer than usual auditions and performance opportunities at present, have you found other outlets for your talents or artistic expression?

Photo: Bettina Stoess
Photo: Bettina Stoess

Personally I have not performed on stage in front of any size of audience for over a year partly due to an injury but mainly because of the pandemic. Not having that outlet has been an interesting change of pace but thankfully It’s resulted in some other opportunities like being a part of my first dance film project, which was a totally different but  similarly fulfilling experience. Other than that it has also given me time to delve into other interests, read and create in different mediums. But I‘m very much looking forward to getting back on stage.

Q: Did your original career aim change from when you started your studies to when you graduated? 

I had always been interested and focused very much on classical ballet in my training in Australia. It was only once I had moved overseas and started working that I realised I enjoyed working on pieces that veered more towards neo-classical or modern dance. Of course I still consider myself a classical dancer but I do believe that being exposed to other styles and ways of moving like I was at NCD helped shape that in me from a young age and has been so helpful for my career.

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