• Katrina Rank in her solo, 'Birdwatching'.
    Katrina Rank in her solo, 'Birdwatching'.

What is it about dance that has made it a life-long passion?

Raewyn Hill photographed by Stefan Gosati.
Raewyn Hill photographed by Stefan Gosati.

"I don’t consider it a passion: I consider it my life – my reason for existence– my reason for being. When I am in performance, dance is the settling of my “self”. I’m in harmony; I’m truthful; I am complete. Now, in my role as an artistic director, I have a deep sense of responsibility and desire to leverage my position in the community to empower, support and nurture our next generation of artists, be it through my choreographic practice, my pedagogy or my role as a director."

-  Raewyn Hill

 "Older dancers have a lifetime of experiences in both life and art. They have loved, raised families, suffered, grieved. They draw on decades of embodied knowledge and sensation. Their unique challenge is to accept and understand the body they have now, not an idealised body that will be acquired after years of training. Many training paradigms are no longer relevant. No one cares if we have flat turn out. No one gets a prize for moving faster or longer. We must . . . appreciate every moment of dance in ourselves and others."

-  Katrina Rank

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Pictured top is Katrina Rank in her solo 'Birdwatching'.

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