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Zali is one of 16 graduates to be featured in our massive Full-Time Studies Guide 2024 in the July/August/September print issue of Dance Australia

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Studied: Alegria Dance Studios, Sydney
Presently: Dallas Conservatory Classical Training Program, USA.

What is your best memory of your studies?

My best memories include performing ballets and rehearsing with my peers. While performing variations alone is a rewarding and valuable experience, my most treasured moments have been performing in the corps de ballet and working with other dancers. Through dancing in the corps de ballet, I realised the true value every dancer has in a ballet and the joy of working with others to create a beautiful work of art. Performing is such a magical experience and it is so special when you get to share the stage with other dancers when you are all putting so much work and care into the performance. Performing ballets takes so much rehearsal time and attention to detail and once you get on stage, you realise what all the hours in the studio have been for.

A main life-lesson you learnt?

The main life lessons I learnt during my full-time studies were the importance of self-care and believing in yourself. Full-time training can get really tough, not just physically but also mentally. I learnt that taking care of your physical and mental health is crucial to get the most out of full-time training and avoid burnout.

I learnt the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and that you can’t give up on yourself. I learnt that whether you are injured or facing a mental challenge, there is always a solution to your problem or a way you can turn what may seem like a negative situation to your advantage. Working through challenges will only make you a more resilient and stronger person both mentally and physically. 



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