Meet the graduate: Joshua Ostermann

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Studied: Queensland Ballet Academy.
Now: Queensland Ballet Jette Parker Young Artist 

Josh Ostermann. Photo by David Kelly
Josh Ostermann. Photo by David Kelly

What is your best memory?

In 2021, I worked with choreographer Paul Boyd on a piece called Intimate Dialogues. He created a new role on me for this piece where I had to portray a very emotionally angry character. This opened up a whole new perspective of vulnerability for me. It led to a deeper exploration of artistry and with the guidance of Mr Boyd and the teachers at Queensland Ballet Academy this process was a fulfilling part of the journey. It was an incredible honour to work so closely with Mr Boyd on many occasions throughout my time in the Academy. I have many special memories, however, I would have to say that performing Intimate Dialogues is one that I will cherish forever.

What was one of the main life-lessons you learnt through your full-time studies?

You are on your own journey ... Although difficult at times, it is so important to remind ourselves of this. It is very easy to compare and criticise ourselves against everyone around us when we train in such a competitive environment. While it is good to use competition to push self-motivation at times, we have to be careful to not let it overrule our mental state. Keeping an optimistic outlook on our path is crucial for the development of our bodies and minds, working on yourself for yourself can be so uplifting if you give yourself the time to embrace all the challenges that will come along the way.


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