Meet the graduate: Jenna Boschen

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Studied: The McDonald College
Now: University student


Did your original career aim change from when you started your studies to when you graduated?

Absolutely! I studied at the McDonald College to become a professional ballet dancer and now I’m a commerce and computer science student at the University of Sydney (Dalyell Scholar). For many years, I dedicated hours to ballet, travelling globally to experience the industry and pursue it as a career. While I still love ballet, I realised it was not the career I wanted anymore and made the brave decision to chart a new path. The dual academic and performing arts structure of the McDonald College allowed me to realise my passion for academics. Yet, the most important thing about that decision was that it was okay to change my mind and fall in love with another profession.

What is the main overall lesson you learnt?

Even though I’ve changed career paths, all the skills I’ve learnt in my ballet training have remained valuable as a university student. The drive and resilience to come back to the studio each day and progress, even after injuries and setbacks. The commitment to arrive to rehearsals on time and be prepared. The responsibility when travelling to international schools alone. I will be forever thankful my years of ballet training. They created the foundation for my future.

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