Jessica Eksteen: Lessons I've learnt

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Jessica Eksteen

Trained: Sydney College of Dance
Presently: Studying at Zurich University of the Arts in the Bachelor of Contemporary Dance program

What is the main overall lesson you learnt? 

To be an open and adaptable dancer is a very important lesson. Choreographers, directors and teachers all want different things and it’s important to be able to adapt quickly and be open to new changes. I was lucky enough to work with many different teachers and a lot of guests choreographers that would come and create a piece on us while in my training and I was able to learn how to pick up choreography fast and adapt quickly to a choreographer's style.  

Did you learn anything unexpected about yourself through doing your full-time studies?

I found and developed a strong passion for choreography. I love to create and express my artistic visions through choreography. Part of this came from my strong connection to music, where I would get most of my inspiration from; it was also because I had a teacher that was very musical and always pushed us for musicality. I drew from that and aspire to take it into my choreography. My favourite classes were always composition classes or if we ever got to create something in another class it always made me very excited. I would like to explore choreography more in the future and I can see myself going down that path in my career. 

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