Graduate story: Makeely Foster

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Trained: Tanya Pearson Academy
Now: Croatian National Theatre (HNK, Zagreb)

Photo by Daniel Boyd.
Photo by Erik Sawaya.

“My time training at TPA was extremely influential in my journey not only as a dancer but also as a person. I was extremely fortunate to have been surrounded by such special teachers, mentors and peers who each supported, guided and gently pushed me throughout this journey.

“While I learnt so much about myself and this art form, the main lesson I have taken away is to trust and believe in the process. The ballet journey is a wild but beautiful path and it's hard to not get caught up when things don’t go to ‘plan’. But reflecting on my journey, there is nothing I regret or wish didn’t happen. Everything served a purpose, taught me and led me to where I am today. The hard moments taught me to deal with disappointment and frustration, which I found in return ignited more passion and purpose. If I was given everything I wanted and dreamed of straight away I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t appreciate this career as much as I do now.”

How did you cope with the workload?

“It changed quite frequently. Between performances, rehearsals, assessments and a few lockdowns, the demands of our workload adapted and as a consequence how I coped physically also had to adapt. Through trial and error, I've learnt to read and listen to my own body to be able to cope with the training. You need to know how far you can push, and when your body needs to rest.

“Throughout my training, I truly found the importance of rest, recovery and refuelling. Implementing Pilates and yoga also helped in aiding my training, especially when our workload was slightly lighter as I found it useful to maintain the strength needed for the busier periods.”

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