Graduate story: Lily Babbage

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Trained: Queensland College of Dance
Now: Apprentice, Stuttgart Ballet, Germany

Lily Babbage

A dancer learns many things while they are studying, and it’s not just about executing steps. Lily Babbage, who studied at the Qld College of Dance in Kedron in Brisbane, learnt confidence – in herself and in her dancing.

“During my first year I had a very negative mindset when critiquing my performance and I struggled a lot with self confidence,” she says. “This was ultimately hindering my self-development and I would be constantly second guessing myself.”

As time went on and with the support of her teachers she pulled herself out of this way of thinking. “I not only gained more independence and self-assurance but I also learnt how to positively self critique. I also learned how to become my own teacher which is extremely helpful and necessary now in my professional career in Germany. Of course I still have a long way to go but I am extremely grateful. I’m also proud of how far I’ve come.”

Her best memory of her full-time studies are the story ballets the school performed once a year. “The reason I enjoy dance so much is definitely the performance and storytelling aspects, so getting to learn and perform these productions was always the most fun to me. Not only was it enjoyable but learning all the group pieces taught me early on how to dance with a group – which of course is extremely important now for corps de ballet work in the company.”

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