Graduate story: Lilliana Eneliko

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Trained: National College of Dance, Newcastle
Now: Trainee at Alonzo King Lines Ballet, San Francisco

What is the main overall lesson you learnt?

Photo by Justin Aveling
Photo by Justin Aveling

The main lesson I learnt over my full-time studies was the importance of attention to detail. NCD set me up perfectly to move on to more intricate training. I was taught strict technique and extreme precision, I felt like a canvas ready to be painted once graduating. I feel incredibly in my body and aware of my placement, which makes it easier to experiment and push myself in the repertoire I do now.

Did you learn anything unexpected about yourself through doing your full-time studies?

Unexpectedly I learnt more than I could ever describe. Not only did I find myself as an artist while at NCD but I found myself as a person as well. I learnt true patience and motivation. The mindset for training at this level is as important as the physicality; it was a great challenge. I learnt flexibility to balance emotions and social interaction when in practice and performance. It is learning to balance the frustration and grace every time. I found the coordination in myself and I’ve brought that into every aspect of my life.

What about overall life-lessons?

I took many major life lessons away from my full-time training. One of them being that self doubt is the biggest weakness. It’s important to be able to make choices confidently, and stick by them. Move with integrity.

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