Graduate story: Lachlan Monaghan

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Studied: McDonald College and the Royal Ballet School (UK).
Now: Principal with Birmingham Royal Ballet

Photo by Johan Persson
Photo by Johan Persson

What are your fondest memories of your studies?

Full-time training is physically and mentally demanding but my fondest memories are those of the connections and friendships I made. There are times in such intense training that get incredibly tough and I found that without the people around me and the humanity they provide, it can be very easy to get lost in the struggles of the training itself.

Alongside this, I learnt an incredible amount of resilience for my mind and my body. Every day your body feels different and every day you’re expecting different things of your body so it is so important to accept that we are only human and that mistakes and struggles make the journey all the more worth it.

I was always lucky that my full-time studies allowed me a safe space to make mistakes. While that sounds strange, you learn so much about yourself when you have to adapt and grow and I have looked back on these skills so often during my professional career.

My training at McDonald College also taught me versatility. I have always coped with the demands of a performance career by drawing on inspiration from many different types of art. Music, drama, dance – they have all at different times provided me with a healthy distraction from the challenges of a focused career and without that varying and versatile inspiration, for me, it would be very difficult to stay sane. I have always felt thankful to the McDonald College for that influence and for immersing me amongst so many personalities, talents and styles of art.

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