Graduate story: Karra Nam

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Studied: Adelaide College of the Arts (ACArts)
Now: Australian Dance Theatre

Karra Nam

Karra Nam had a strong passion for dance and envisioned it as the core of her career. However, as she progressed through her education, she discovered that dance offers myriad possibilities beyond solely being a company dancer. Her studies opened her eyes to the diverse pathways that movement can traverse.

“I had the privilege of exploring various aspects of dance and expanding my practice,” she remembers. “With the guidance of my lecturers and through independent research, I delved into a movement practice that truly reflected my lived experiences and learning. This led me to uncover new depths and sensitivities through the exploration of ancestral lineage and culture – connecting my practice through a comprehensive meditation of country, soul and healing , shaping unique pathways of expression that were personal to me.”

On completing her studies, she came to appreciate the importance of honouring her individuality and continuously nurturing her practice and voice. “The exploration of dance throughout my career became more valuable to me than simply pursuing a singular role as a dancer,” she says.

On reflection, she can now see that her studies gave her a wealth of knowledge, not only in dance but also in life. One of the most valuable lessons was the importance of respect – for others as well as herself. “I developed a deep appreciation for the unique and personal nature of dance as a form of self-expression. It became evident to me that dance holds a freedom that allows for diverse interpretations and experiences, influencing each of us in distinctive ways.

“Overall, my experience taught me to embrace the beautiful interplay between body and soul, while also cultivating discipline and perseverance.There is a freedom in dance that allows for such diversity within the identity of each dancer.”

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