Diamond Star Group Competition 2019

Please Contact BAL for a Syllabus and Entry Form Sections:
Small Groups: 4- 10 Competitors (if sufficient entries received)
Large groups: 11 or more Competitors
Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre/Song & Dance, Contemporary, Lyrical/Modern Expressive 6/u, 8/u, 10/u, 12/u, 14/u, 16/u and Open Age

LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED to Thursday 18th April, 2019 with a $2.00 late fee per group


1. ADJUDICATOR: The adjudicator’s decision is final. At no time should anyone approach or disrupt the adjudicator in any way, including lunch and dinner breaks.

2. ADMITTANCE: The committee reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone who is intoxicated or abusive.

3. AGE: Age as at 1st January 2019.

4. AMATEUR: This Eisteddfod is open to those whose main source of income is not that of a performer or a dance teacher.

5. COMMITTEE: The Committee reserves the right to amend, refuse or cancel sections where insufficient entries are received, as well as dividing sections. The Committee reserves the right to appoint/substitute an adjudicator. The Committee reserves the right to amend the programme and alter competition times. The Committee’s decision on issues not covered in rules will be final.

6. COMPETITORS: Must be ready to compete in the section and order in which their name appears in the programme. Competitors will not be transferred from one section to another if incorrectly entered on the entry form, unless the error is the fault of the Committee. There can be no rehearsal back stage or on stage at any time.


8. ENTRIES & PAYMENT: $20 per troupe entry fee. All payments and entries must be received by Monday, 15th April, 2019. NO REFUNDS once payment is made, unless section is cancelled by the organisers. Tax Invoices will not be issued as the Entry Form copy is your tax invoice. Cash only at entry doors. Minimum number of students in troupes is four (4).

9. PROMPTING: Strictly no prompting. Anyone doing so may result in disqualification of group.

10. PROPS: All props must be removed at the conclusion of the day. Large props must only be brought in or removed in between sessions.

11. PROMOTIONS: The promotion or sale of any products is prohibited at the Eisteddfod unless authorised by the Committee.

12. PROTESTS: Any protest arising out of an adjudicator’s decision must be lodged in writing to the Committee table within 30 minutes after the completion of the affected section and accompanied by a $15.00 fee. This fee will be returned if protest is found valid.

13. SAFETY: We take no responsibility for any injuries or lost property of anyone present at the Eisteddfod. There is to be NO SMOKING on the school premises. TAP SHOES CANNOT BE WORN IN THE AUDITORIUM, BY SCHOOL ORDER .

14. MUSIC: All music must be on individual CDs - 1 track per CD, stating studio name. Ipod, ipad or mobile phone option is available as a back-up. Background singing is allowed for Tap routines.

15. TIME LIMITS: Time limit of four minutes per dance will be strictly adhered to.

  • Organised by: Ballet Australasia Limited
  • Contact name: Mary Easton
  • Phone: (02) 9283-1600
  • Email: enquiries@dancebal.com

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This special development program will provide a handful of selected young artists, who have already completed full time classical and/or contemporary training.