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Our goal is to ensure that high quality classical ballet training is available to the broadest number if young Australian dancers possible. An integral part of the AICD approach is the Borovansky Syllabus.

The syllabus, originated from the school of Xenia Borovansky – the Russian –born wife of Edouard Borovansky, who came to Australia with the Covent Garden Russian Ballet in 1939. He went on to found the Borovansky Ballet Company, the precursor of the Australian Ballet. The Borovansky Syllabus, which has been upgraded by the AICD to reflect the contemporary Australian dance teaching methods caters for students from primary through to solo seal.

A key features of our approach is flexibility. Teacher’s and pupil’s artistry is encouraged through minimum prescribed detail, allowing the freedom for exercises to be adjusted to suit the needs and capabilities of the students under tuition.

The AICD takes a holistic view of dance in its many forms. We do not see other syllabi as competitors, rather we seek to   unite organisations to assist in supporting dance teachers, students and aspiring choreographers. The overall aim is to  foster the love of classical ballet.


Marilyn Jones OBE former ballerina and artistic director of the Australian Ballet Company. Marilyn founded the Australian Institute if Classical Dance (AICD) in 1992 as the main project of her Australian Creative Fellowship;

Paul Hamilton is the AICD national president. Paul danced with the Australian Ballet in the 1980’s before a career change to business consulting in the computer industry.


The AICD offer and administers two grading systems: Examination and Assessment Program. We provide examinations for  each grade offered. The Assessment Program is ideal for teachers who prefer not to use an established syllabus but would still like an external assessment for their students. The Assessment Program provides teachers with a guideline of steps  around which they can devise their own class work. Our examiners come to each school to conduct examinations and  assessments.


Students are issued with medals, certificates and written reports. Scholarships towards the cost of future training are  awarded to outstanding students at major levels.


The AICD has a three-tiered qualification system: Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship levels, with prior credentials in other syllabi being recognised and valued.

More information on teaching accreditation can be found in our teacher’s guidelines book which is on our website,


In keeping with our desire to develop Australian dance, we provide teaching seminars, choreographic workshops which are held throughout the year. We also run the AICD International Awards, Houston Ballet Academy Scholarship and Dance Creation with are all open competitions.
Updates and details about our scholarships and events can be found in the AICD website.

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