How to make the perfect audition video

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Dear Emma,

I sent an audition video to a school overseas and was rejected. It was particularly hard because I wasn’t given any feedback and also because I feel like if I were there in person it would have been different. How can I make an audition video that shows who I really am?

Dear Dancer,

A wise teacher once said to me, “Every rejection you get is a step towards where you are meant to be.”

Rejection is hard to take no matter what. It is particularly hard when you feel you haven’t been given a fair chance and you    

Photo courtesy The Australian Ballet School.

aren’t given any explanation as to why you were not picked. But, schools, companies and competitions are inundated with video applicants these days and they simply don’t have the time or resources for this.

However, there is no harm in sending a follow up email asking them for some advice on how they think you can improve (unless they have specifically requested no correspondence). This way, you aren’t asking “why not me?”. Rather you are saying, “I respect you and would appreciate your advice”. It is best to make such an email succinct and friendly. There is no guarantee you will get a reply, but you might. It also shows them that you are genuinely interested, that you are proactive and you are keen to learn.

As to how to make an audition video that really shows who you are – . . . 

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